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Single Hop Onions are, as the name suggests, only one hop away from their entry to the Tor Network (as a client you will still hop through 3 relays), this speeds up access to the service being hosted at the cost of anonymity for the server hosting the content. Visitors to your .onion will still be fully anonymous and protected from evesdropping by their ISP. As an added bonus your clearnet domain will be protected by SSL too!

Multi-hop Onion Services (a.k.a Hidden Services or the 'Darknet') are protected by at least 3 hops through the Tor Network which improves the anonymity of the server and helps prevent its discovery by adversaries. If an adversary can't identify the hosting provider for a server they can't force the provider to hand over information about the owner. For some publishers this can be a life or death situation.

At the moment Ablative Hosting accepts Bitcoin and Monero, this is for many reasons but namely that setting up a traditional business bank account and merchant payment systems is costly, has KYC obligations and puts our revenue stream at the whim of banks, merchant processors and the credit card companies.

Once you've signed up for an account and logged into your account simply choose whether you'd like a Single Hop or Multi Hop Onion, a page will be displayed allowing you to set some options (clear net domain if a single hop onion, pre-payment duration of 1, 6 or 12 months), make your choices and click the Order button.

The order confirmation page will show a unique cryptocurrency address and the amount owed. The page will also display a QR code for use with smartphone wallets.

Submit your payment and within a few minutes your order will move from "Awaiting Payment" through to "Provisioning" and finally "Ready".

Once a server is ready it will be displayed in your dashboard!

Not entirely. Your .onion and clearnet website are hosted on the same server. An informed adversary would be able to identify the clearnet domain attached to your .onion and proceed from there (consider using Njalla to protect your privacy when registering a domain)

Remember that Ablative Hosting does not require any personal information from you to register an account.

Yes. If you purchase a multi-hop onion hosting package it will be very difficult for an adversary to ascertain that your website / service is hosted via Ablative Hosting, who you are, where your server is or who manages it.

Remember that Ablative Hosting does not require any personal information from you to register an account.

Inspired by our work on OnionDSL a QuadHop setup uses several servers to provide a setup that should not be discoverable by nearly anyone.

The webservers that host your content are isolated from the Internet with all requests proxied via a dual homed (non-forwarding) Tor server. It is impossible for a webserver to connect to the Internet without explictly making a SOCKS5 connection via a different Tor instance. Traditional multi-homed scanning, virtual host exploits, /server-status and implant beaconing are all ineffective.

This is a bespoke setup for the truly paranoid and comes with a hefty price tag.

We will do our best to ensure that your servers are as secure and undiscoverable as we can make them. We will regularly scan and audit using known good practise tools such as OnionScan et al and will refund the equivalent of 12 months of hosting if a misconfiguration by Ablative Hosting jeopardises the security of your server.

No, if you would like a shell account please contact Brass Horn Communications.

By default VPS' are not equipped with any dynamic language support, for maximum security we suggest using plain HTML / CSS / JS and a templating engine such as Jekyll. If you require dynamic web hosting we currently support PHP (via fpm) but other options (e.g. NodeJS or proxied GoLang) are possible on a case by case basis.

Please note that by enabling dynamic language support you greatly increase the risk of your server being discovered or compromised and is subsequently not covered by the "12 month compensation" guarantee.


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