Ultra Low Cost SSL Secured Clearnet and Tor .Onion Web Hosting

Upload your web files to one place whilst benefiting from SSL security and Onion censorship circumvention without even having to wait for cryptocurrency confirmations!

Shared Hosting Package



(£10) PER YEAR
  • 1Gb SSD Disk Space
  • Shared CPU Time
  • Shared 32Gb RAM
  • Shared IPv4 Address
  • Shared IPv6 Address
  • Dedicated .onion Address
  • No Cryptocurrency confirmations needed*
  • Static HTML Only!

Affordable Censorship Circumvention

We handle the configuration of your webserver, SSL certificates and Tor router allowing you to concentrate on your content.

Ultra Low Cost

By hosting multiple websites on the same server we can reduce costs and overheads and pass the savings on to you.

* No Confirmation Delay

Your account is created immediately without having to wait for multiple confirmations. Set the transaction fee as low as you want! (Transaction must complete within 2 weeks).

Collateral Blocking

Your website might fall victim to ISP IP based blocking intended for other websites, if this happens we'll do our best to evade the block on your behalf.


Support is available on a best effort basis due to the low cost of this product.